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Some words about ... privacy

I promise that I'll use any information I collect about you ethically and keep it secure.

If you contact me through this website, I’ll collect your name, organisation and contact email and/or phone number. If we work together I'll collect some more information, including your business address. I'll only use your information to get in touch with you about current and potential future projects. I won't sell it, or share it! I have other more lucrative things I could sell first ... my children, my stamp collection ...

You might share personal information with me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn ... these sites are all required to comply with European data regulations.


I work and save my work on Google Drive and use gmail for email, so nothing is saved on my computer. Both of these also have to comply with the same regulations.


Under UK tax law I need to keep your basic personal data (name, address, contact details) for six years, after which time I’ll destroy it.


This website is hosted by which also has to comply. collects cookies so I can tell how people are using my site. You can disable cookies using your web browser settings if you want to.

Want to know more about how I use your information? Or to ask me to delete it? I'm not expecting a heap of emails here but if you do by chance want to get in touch you can get me at


(updated 20 January 2020)

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